Happy Summer, friends and fans! Thanks for stopping by!! The BIG news this summer is that the first book in the Dogfather Series is FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME! Check out any retailer and download Sit...Stay...Beg for free! Then you can devour the whole series! And on Thursday, August 9, book seven, Double Dog Dare, will be released! You can preorder the digital version RIGHT NOW!

Double Dog Dare

Josh Ranier has been bruised by betrayal and scarred by his stepfamily when he arrives in Bitter Bark to renovate and rent out a brownstone apartment building. Sunny, sweet, family-loving Darcy Kilcannon is his first tenant and from the moment they meet, sparks fly, dogs howl, and all the rules Josh likes to follow threaten to collapse under their insane attraction. Forced to work together to help a blind dog regain her sight and solve a mystery that’s tearing his family apart, Josh and Darcy are the ones that see the light...of love.

To answer the #1 question I get: YES...there are a lot more Dogfather books on the horizon. First up, a holiday novella, then the Dogfather himself finds love. And we have four Mahoney cousins! There are many more matches and happy ever afters ahead in Bitter Bark!

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Remember I donate a portion of sales from every book in the series to Alaqua Animal Refuge, where every cover in the series was shot (with rescue dogs on every cover and local dog lovers as models). So far, we've donated more than $6,000 and fully expect that number to go up, up, up. All because of my wonderful, supportive readers. So dive into the whole series and save some precious pooches!

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