Faux Paws is a USA Today Bestseller!

Thank you, readers! The latest book in the Dogmothers series has hit the USA Today Bestseller list! And that means that not only am I donating a portion of the first month's proceeds to Alaqua Animal Refuge (as I always do), I'm adding a Bestseller Bonus of $1,000! Buy your copy ASAP and have your purchase count toward the donation that will help this amazing shelter in my home state!

Have your read it yet? It's time for Theo Santorini to find love and the ever-meddling Dogmothers have just the lady for him. After all, what could be a better fit for a Navy nuclear engineer than a...pet psychic! Things go just about a smoothly as you'd expect for Theo, Ayla, and the dog that brings them together, Clementine.

I promise you will laugh (a lot), cry (a little), and there's some suspense in this one, so you might bite a fingernail or two. And, as always, you will have fun with Yiayia and Gramma Finnie as they stir up romance and fun!


Amazon Kindle: http://www.roxannestclaire.com/FauxPawsKindle

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Amazon UK: http://www.roxannestclaire.com/FauxPawsAmzUK

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