Hello Readers, Friends, Fans, and Visitors!

I can’t believe it’s November already! I hope you’re enjoying a fabulous fall, getting ready to give thanks (and eat!) later this month, and finding wonderful new books to read! I’m so thrilled with the response to Barefoot With a Stranger, the latest release in the Barefoot Bay Undercover series.  Here’s one of my favorite new reviews, from the wonderful Harlequin Junkie blog.  Every review, comment on Facebook and Twitter, and whisper of “You gotta read this book!” to a friend means the world to me! Thank you!

Speaking of Facebook, you should like my author page because we are giving away TWELVE Mystery Boxes (one every week) and five of them contain brand new Kindle Fire Tablets, in addition to an assortment on signed books, gifts, and goodies.  Check it out!

Right now, I’m working hard on Barefoot With a Bad Boy, and, yes, readers, that is the love story of our beloved ex-spy, Gabriel Rossi. I’ve been asked (like, daily!) to write his story since he first blasted onto the pages of a romantic suspense series I started back in 2010.  Readers love this guy, so I’m really determined to give him the most amazing and heartbreaking and fabulous book.  That takes time, so my expected release date is February.

In the meantime, there are a TON of great Barefoot Bay books to read! I split the overall series into “mini-series” so you can spend as much time at this glorious, sun-washed beach as you like.  All of the books stand alone, but the little “mini-series” are fun to read in order! Check out the series page to see them all! Two are currently free in all digital formats, too!

I’d better get back to writing Gabe, that sexy, dirty, snarky bad boy. Oh, the things I do for you guys.  Enjoy your visit to my page, come and find me on Facebook and Twitter, and happy reading!