I’m so excited to take my readers on a trip to Positano, Italy…with a man they are not likely to forget for a long, long time. How many times does that happen in a lifetime? JAMES – Book 6 of the 7 Brides for 7 Brothers series – is on sale now. Up front, let me say that each of these books (all penned by different AMAZING authors) stand completely alone. Each brother has his own story, his own journey, and his own rocky road to love. But they share one thing in common – when their father died, he left them each a “legacy” that confuses and confounds them. What appears to be a “gift” is really the roadmap to a life lesson that¬†Colin Brannigan wanted each of them to learn. And each legacy ends, of course, with the Brannigan brother changed and in love.

James’s journey was extra special for me because I took him to a country I visited a year ago and let my unfettered love for Italy show on every page. Even more than that, I was able to create a big, loud, fun, happy Italian family — the Sebastianis – and each character in that clan stole my heart. Especially their gonna, Anamaria. ¬†And the heroine, Kyra Summers, is the kind of woman I love to have as a friend. She’s sunny, warm, optimistic, and hilarious, and her determination to melt the cold heart of billionaire control-freak James Brannigan was sheer joy to write.

I hope you love JAMES! Here’s some more about the series, this story, and an excerpt! ENJOY!!!51tbsgil8vl