Barefoot Bay Kindle Worlds Authors – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about the program:

Can a writer make money this way?

Yes, indeed, as long as your story sells! Amazon pays royalties for the titles and explains the program here.

How do I learn all about Barefoot Bay?

Of course, you should read the books by Roxanne St. Claire! But once you’ve done that and fallen in love with the world, there is a wealth of resources right on this site. A Barefoot Bay World Overview and Cast of Characters along with a detailed list of content guidelines.

Do I need to contact Roxanne St. Claire in order to write in this world?

If you decide to write in the Barefoot Bay Kindle World, you can easily do so by following Amazon’s instructions and guidelines. In addition, if you contact me via this web site and let me know you are writing in the world, I am available to answer questions, assist with your marketing efforts, introduce your title to my readers, and write a personal note to readers introducing your as a Barefoot Bay Kindle Worlds author. So, let me know if you want to write in the world and I will help you in any way I can! No, I don’t vet proposals or ideas – the books are all yours even if they are set in my fictional world. But I am thrilled to have new authors and want to help you reach as many of my readers as possible!

Will Roxanne St. Claire edit or help write these books?

Roxanne is thrilled to assist writers if she can with information about the world, and happy to share new titles with her many  fans and followers on social media and in some newsletters. But these books are YOUR OWN, including the content, title, cover design, editing, and formatting.

Can I keep the rights to the work?

Amazon has created a full and vibrant Kindle Worlds program, with a detailed explanation that explains what you can and cannot do with the work.

Can I use Roxanne’s existing characters in my story?

Again, there are content guidelines but, yes, you can write stories using the current cast of characters, with some limitations. Writers are encouraged to create their own heroes and heroines and use the large population of existing characters as secondaries.

Do I have to be a published author to write in this world?

You do not! All authors are strongly encouraged to have their books professionally edited, proofread, and formatted.   Roxanne will not be involved with the plotting, writing, revising, or packaging of your book, but her thousands of readers have expectations of high quality in all aspects of publishing. Authors who invest time and energy into creating the best possible product have the highest chance for successfully reaching and keeping those readers.

Will these books only be available on Amazon?

Yes, but readers are constantly reminded and encouraged to use the Kindle apps available for all ereaders and platforms so they can read Amazon-exclusive content.