A Publishing Opportunity for Writers and Fans

Have you ever read a Barefoot Bay book and thought…I’d like to put my characters in Barefoot Bay?  What would happen to them? Would they kick off their shoes and fall in love on the white sands? Or have you ever imagined a paranormal, murder mystery, even time travel novel set on the island of Mimosa Key? If you have or you’d just like to try your hand at a fun contemporary novel like the ones Roxanne St. Claire writes set in her fictional world of Barefoot Bay…now you can! Introducing Barefoot Bay Kindle World, an Amazon-sanctioned “fan fiction” program that allows writers to craft their own books set on Mimosa Key and in Barefoot Bay.

KINDLE WORLDS is a program developed by and managed by Amazon.  Through formal agreements, authors who have created highly successful “worlds” allow other writers to publish stories in that specific world.  Yes, there are some rules and regulations, but there’s also a wide range of possibilities and opportunities, limited only by a writer’s imagination!

About The Barefoot Bay Kindle World

I discovered four years ago, when I first introduced the fictional world of Barefoot Bay to my readers, that there is a tremendous demand for books set in a beautiful, warm, tropical world.  Over the years, I have lovingly created the people, places, and events on a lush island situated off the Gulf Coast of Florida.  What started as one woman’s journey to recover from a devastating hurricane has bloomed into fourteen books and a community of friends and family. The readership has grown as quickly as Barefoot Bay, which started as a sleepy inlet on Mimosa Key and now includes an upscale resort, a small baseball stadium, a harbor, a museum, thousands of homes, and even a precious goat farm. There are billionaires, brides, bodyguards, baseball players, resort staff, local personalities, sunken treasure, wild teenagers, hot cops, competing newspapers, and gorgeous places to live, love, and laugh.

The potential to incorporate Barefoot Bay settings and characters into any genre of fiction is limited only by a writer’s imagination.  Whether an author writes romance, mystery, women’s fiction, suspense, thrillers, young adult, new adult, police procedurals, or even paranormal, the existing world of Barefoot Bay offers a perfect universe full of color, beauty, serenity, and secrets.  The “heavy lifting” has been done in creating the community that waits for authors to bring their characters and stories to life without worrying about the work of building the world from scratch.

Years ago, I participated in several “continuity” series launched by Harlequin Books.  I discovered then how easy and fun it was to take an existing world and use it, and some of the characters, to tell my own stories.  Using that concept in this Kindle Worlds program, I am providing authors with a comprehensive and detailed “series bible” that supplies all the information about locations, characters, timelines, and the stories that already exist.  In addition, I am committed to using all my resources to promote the Barefoot Bay Kindle Worlds books to my large and growing readership, including using a mailing list to nearly 40,000 dedicated readers.  I want it to be easy, fun, and profitable for authors to kick off their shoes and step into the world of Barefoot Bay.  And I want it to be a blast for the readers!

I plan to continue writing in the world for the foreseeable future, to meet the demands for my readers for more Barefoot Bay books. But I can only write so fast!   I know my thousands of readers are going to gobble up more stories set on their favorite island with appearances from their beloved characters and a chance to meet new ones.  I can’t wait to read, share, and promote every story in the Barefoot Bay Kindle World.