A Wedding Invitation To Readers

The pleasure of your company is requested at the wedding of super spy bad boy, Gabriel Rossi, to his beloved undercover lover, Lila Wickham.

Best man? Why, Uncle Nino, of course. Ring Bearer? Gabe’s trouble-in-training son, Rafe. In attendance? All manner of characters from previous books — including all the Guardian Angelino heroes and heroines and a special appearance from Bullet Catcher cousin, Johnny Christiano!

Warning: things will NOT go smoothly on the way to the altar!

Don’t miss my latest Barefoot Bay novella, Barefoot Dreams! Readers are raving about this fast, fun, furious, and hilarious adventure that takes one day. One long, dangerous, suspenseful, memorable day when Gabe proves that there is literally nothing he won’t do (including wrestle a horny goat) for his darling wife-to-be.

Here are the buy links and excerpt! See you at the wedding!