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Don’t You Wish has been getting amazing reviews, literally hundreds on web sites and blogs! It’s a thrill to wake up to a new one every day! Here are links and quotes from some favorites:

“Book of the year. Hands down.”
~Bringing The Epic

“I rate Don’t You Wish 5 out of 5 star! This has made my favorites list!”
~Memories Over Taking Me

“This book is adorable!”
~In The Best Worlds

“Made me laugh the entire time! I give this novel five out of five stars!”
~Live to Read

“Surprised and quite happy with how she pulled it off.”
~The Busy Bibliophile

“I cried more than once, but there were scenes where I was laughing from joy!”
~Nina Reads

“My heart is still fluttering from the ending!”
~Imaginary Reads

“Refreshing story that is highly enjoyable.  A truly wonderful book!”
~Nick’s Book Blog