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To start the year, I thought I’d do a Rocki Talk with some FAQs I get asked a lot…maybe something you want to know is in this list for frequently asked questions…

Will you ever write more Bullet Catcher books?

I get this question so often, it kind of breaks my heart. For now, no. The rights to the existing books are held by the publisher and if I wanted to continue the series, I’d basically be asking readers to read eight books (and two novellas) that are priced quite high before they were “caught up” with the whole series. If I had the rights, I’d repackage them, drastically reduce the price, and continue the series. However, that is not the case. The publisher IS reissuing one of the novellas this month. It’s called Reason to Believe, and please be aware, readers, that this title  came out in 2008 in an anthology called What You Can’t See. So, it’s NOT a new Bullet Catcher title and you may have read it already. Again, not in my control. It is a fun story and only $1.99, but not new.

When will all the Undercover and Timeless books be available in audio?

VERY SOON! The first two Undercover books are live now and Barefoot with a Bad Boy is in production. Barefoot at Sunset (Timeless #1) is live now and the other two will be live in the spring. Both narrators are amazing and I cannot recommend these audio books enough! Here are buy links to the current audio books available:

Barefoot With a Bodyguard (narrated by Kaleo Griffith – prepare to fall in love with this man’s voice)

Barefoot With a Stranger (Kaleo again…sigh)

Barefoot at Sunset (narrated by BJ Harrison who brings every character to life and is FABULOUS)

Will there be more books in the Barefoot Bay Undercover series?

YES! Gabe’s wedding, in fact, is coming out in a few weeks, as a novella titled Barefoot Dreams. Stay tuned!

Will there be more Barefoot Bay Timeless books?

Yes, but I’m not sure when. I have three on the back burner but am currently working on a new idea for a new series. Stay tuned! (Newsletter subscribers will find out first!)

Where is a complete list of all your books IN ORDER?

On this site, under the link that says “booklist” and “Barefoot Bay Series” – they’re are printable lists for everything I’ve ever written back to the dark ages.

Why can’t I get the Original Barefoot Bay Quartet in digital format outside of the United States?

Because I don’t hold the rights to the first four books in the series, and the publisher won’t make them available. This is why I publish my own books now! Every other Barefoot Bay book (14 total) are available WORLDWIDE in digital and print. They can be purchased through any online retailer!

Will there be more Barefoot Bay Kindle World books?

YES! Our next launch of ten titles is on February 21 and there are two more schedule after that — in May and September. That’s 30 more books in the world, coming this year!

How can I write a Barefoot Bay Kindle World book?

Check out the page for authors and contact me if you want to be part of a Barefoot Bay launch. Our year is full, but we will be scheduling for 2018 soon!

Are you available to give writing workshops?

I am, but my schedule is tight. Any RWA  chapter or writing group that would like to schedule me should write to roxanne@roxannestclaire.com and we can talk!

Any other questions? Feel free to contact me directly! You can email me at roxanne@roxannestclaire.com or like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

Happy New Year!!!