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Barefoot Bay Kindle World Overview

If you’re planning to write a Barefoot Bay Kindle World story, I urge you to read the entire series to familiarize yourself with the setting, the characters, and the ambiance of Mimosa Key, Barefoot Bay, and the Casa Blanca Resort & Spa.  Once you do, this document will provide you with salient points about the backstory and main settings on the island.

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The Backstory of Roxanne St. Claire’s Barefoot Bay

When Hurricane Damien swept across Mimosa Key, a fictional island off the Gulf Coast of Florida, it essentially destroyed everything on the northern half of the twelve-mile long island.  Lacey Armstrong owned much of the beachfront property in Barefoot Bay, a northern inlet that faces west, thanks to land deeds from her grandfather, one of the original founders of Mimosa Key.  After the storm, Lacey was inspired to use the clean slate to build a small, upscale hotel.  With the help of her three closest friends and a visionary architect, they transformed a large part of Barefoot Bay into the home of the Casa Blanca Resort & Spa, a one of a kind playground for vacations and destination weddings.

Barefoot Bay, the resort, and the entire island of Mimosa Key is more than just a slice of paradise in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a contemporary community of friends and family, a world of pain and promise, and a celebration of laughter and love.


Primary Setting

Mimosa Key (similar to barrier islands Sanibel, Pine Island, and some of the Keys) is named for the flower mimosa and roughly shaped like a fat question mark, about 12 miles long and eight miles wide in the north, narrowing to less than two miles and ultimately to Pleasure Pointe at the very southern tip. The community consists of approximately 10,000 residents, many of whom are children and grandchildren of 20th century pioneers who founded the island when they built a wooden causeway from Naples to Mimosa Key. In the early days, the island was split between Lee and Collier Counties, but was later rezoned as entirely Collier County.

Mimosa Key’s main town takes up the center of the island, and it’s typical “old” Florida, with small shops, colorful stucco buildings, few traffic lights, and a beachy, casual atmosphere.  The town is generally referred to by locals as “Mimosa” or just “town.”  All Barefoot Bay locations and business establishments are fictional.

The current administration on the island, a mayor and town council, is reflective of small town politics; residents are fiercely proud of their heritage yet welcoming of newcomers.  The entire island is in a state of growth, with new houses, businesses, and even a small minor league baseball stadium in development. Change is definitely in the air as Mimosa Key moves into a new era that includes more tourism and growth.

The island is reached by a now-modern causeway that leaves Naples, Florida and leads into the center of town.


Key Settings Throughout the Island

Casa Blanca Resort & Spa – small upscale resort owned by Lacey (Armstrong) and Clay Walker. Investors include Tessa Galloway Browning, Zoe Tamarin Bradbury and Jocelyn Bloom Palmer, among others. Motto “Kick off your shoes and fall in love.”

  • Moroccan-style construction, white stucco, red tile roof; inspired by classic film “Casablanca”(Lacey and Clay’s favorite movie). The “main building” of the resort is three stories high and sits directly on the Bay.  There is a large pool and eating deck outside that faces the water.  Inside, the lobby features a marble floor and one wall has a large Moroccan tapestry.  A registration desk runs along one wall, and behind that are the expansive management offices (including the Barefoot Brides) and it connects to the kitchen.  The restaurant (Junonia), the spa (Eucalyptus), and shops are accessed through the lobby.  The second and third floors are hotel rooms and small suites.
  • The resort originally had six private villas, all named for flowers herbs and spices indigenous to Morocco and North Africa: including Rockrose (1 bedroom, northernmost), Bay Laurel (the largest at 3K square feet, two stories, and closest to the main building), Artemisia, Saffron, Acacia, African Daisy. Since the resort has been built, five more villas (Blue Casbah, Sea Heath, Morning Glory, Winter Iris, Caralluma) have been added.  All of the villas are beautifully appointed, fully furnished, (most) have private pools and views of the water.  Some are directly on the beach, some along a paver-stone, tree-lined path that winds through the property and runs parallel to the water.
  • Resort services include Eucalyptus (all-organic spa managed by Jocelyn Bloom Palmer), hot air balloon rides (managed by Zoe Tamarin Bradbury), Junonia (upscale restaurant managed under Chef Ian Browning), an organic farmette (managed by Tessa Galloway Browning) and the Casa Blanca Kids Club.
  • Ancillary services (affiliated with but not managed directly by Casa Blanca) include Barefoot Brides (all-inclusive destination wedding planning service managed by Willow Ambrose Hershey, Gussie McBain DeMille and Arielle Chandler McBain) who have offices in the main building.
  • The resort property includes a cul-de-sac of bungalows, tucked behind the guest villas and adjacent to the farmette. These bungalows house the office of McBain Security (managed by Luke McBain, providing security services to the resort and to wealthy residents of Mimosa Key), the housekeeping facilities (outsourced to a service run by Amanda Nicholas), as well as several smaller homes that can be used as residences for top staff members.  (Gabriel Rossi, a consultant to McBain Security and his grandfather, Nino, live in one).
  • Lacey and Clay Walker’s two-story hacienda sits at the northern-most end of the property.

Mimosa High School – colors are red and white, mascot is Scorpion, founded almost 60 years ago, includes a baseball field and football stadium

Toasted Pelican Restaurant – casual bar and hangout

South of the Border – Known to locals as the “SOB,” this is a Mexican restaurant, no sign/menu/bar so mostly patronized by locals

Beachside Beauty – owned by Barbara Pennick

The Fourway – motel owned and managed by Grace and Ron Hartgrave, located across the street from the Super Min at the landmark “fourway” intersection in the heart of town.

Shell Gas Station & Super Mini Mart Convenience Store – The “Super Min” is the heart and soul and one of the gossip centers on the island.  Co-owned by sisters Charity Grambling and Patience Vail, it’s located across the street from the Fourway Motel at the historic Fourway intersection; second Shell Station (franchise) planned for north end of Mimosa Key

The Fourway – intersection of Center Street and Harbor drive, historic site of first traffic light on island

Ms. Icey’s – ice cream parlor on outskirts of town, owned by Bernadette Icey, frosted windows with a red and white awning, very popular with the teenagers

Mimosa Lanes Bowling Alley – owned by John McSweeny, located at 4623 Palm Ave.

Lee County Sheriff’s Department satellite office – on Center Street between Bud’s Buds and small teahouse

Bud’s Buds – florist (Bud is owner)

Mimosa Community Credit Union – only major bank and ATM on island

No Kidding – Frankie (Cardinale) and Elliott Becker’s foundation that gives goats to families in Third World countries

Barefoot Bay Bucks – name of the minor league baseball team that is starting up on the northeast section of Barefoot Bay (due east of the resort).  There will be a small stadium (4,000 seats) that is part of a tourist center complex that includes a goat farm and some small shops. Currently under construction for opening next year. If you choose to do a baseball-related story, this venue is not yet completed.

Pleasure Pointe – southern end of Mimosa Key; south of town, 10-minute drive from Barefoot Bay

Pleasure Pointe Beach – beach at south end of Mimosa Key, a rockier beach than Barefoot Bay, has running trails

Barefoot Mountain – small rise at the north end of the island owned by Cutter Valentine, buried treasure and Indian archaeological site

Calusa House and Museum – located on Barefoot Mountain at the Indian archaeological site, sponsored by Cutter Valentine

Hibiscus Court Apartments – one of several rental units near town

Barefoot Bay Bucks Baseball Complex – will be finished in books that will be published in 2016; the stadium seats approximately 5,000 and is surrounded by a tourist-friendly petting zoo, shops, and picnic areas.


Timeline and Books

The original Barefoot Bay Quartet tells the story of how a hurricane wiped away most of northern half of Mimosa Key and Lacey Armstrong, along with her three best friends, launch the concept of an exclusive resort and spa set in Barefoot Bay.  By the end of the quartet, the resort, spa, restaurant, farmette, and just under a dozen high-end resort villas are built and open for business.

Barefoot in the Sand  (released in 2012)

Barefoot in the Rain (released in 2012)

Barefoot in the Sun (released in 2013)

Barefoot by the Sea (released in 2013)


The Barefoot Bay Billionaires trilogy are the stories of three wealthy men who arrive in Barefoot Bay with the intention of launching a minor league baseball team and building a stadium on the northeastern half of Barefoot Bay.

Secrets on the Sand  (released in 2013)

Seduction on the Sand (released in 2014)

Scandal on the Sand (released in 2014)


At the end of the original quartet, three destination wedding planners decide to set up a business based in the resort, called The Barefoot Bay Brides.  This trilogy tells their love stories and includes many details about popular destination weddings at the Casa Blanca Resort & Spa.

 Barefoot in White (released in 2014)

Barefoot in Lace (released in 2014)

Barefoot in Pearls (released in 2015)


At the end of the Barefoot Bay Brides trilogy, Gabriel Rossi arrives at the resort with the intention of using the location as a cover for a covert operation that works as a privatized witness protection program, called Barefoot Bay Undercover.  This prequel and trilogy tells the story of some of the clients of that operation and leads into Gabe’s own love story. These novels include elements of suspense, some dead bodies, bullets, and plenty of adventure.

 Barefoot Bound (prequel – released in 2015)

Barefoot With a Bodyguard (released in 2015)

Barefoot With a Stranger (released in 2015)

Barefoot With a Bad Boy (released in 2016)