It’s Tessa’s Turn
to Find Love, Laughter
and a Happy Ever After

The only thing gifted gardener Tessa wants is a baby, but the powers that be have denied that dream for her. She’s given up on love, but is busy exploring all of her options from adoption to surrogacy when enigmatic “John Brown” shows up in Barefoot Bay and her world is tilted.

Ian Browning is a man with a dark past who must keep his real identity a secret. He’s in the U.K. witness protection program, forced to lay low and work as a chef in Barefoot Bay while he waits for the air to clear back in London and he can get the only thing he cares about: his toddler children, currently in protective custody.

When Ian learns he has to have a wife -- and fast -- to be reunited with his children, he goes to work wooing Tessa, a woman he’s already deeply attracted to. Tessa wants a baby, but “John” won’t give her that. Ian wants a wife, but he has to lie to get Tessa to be his. As they take tentative steps toward making their personal dreams come true, the unexpected happens and their feelings deepen and grow. Then there’s only one choice to make: will one of them have to give up everything for love.

About Barefoot Bay: Set on the fictional island of Mimosa Key, this enclave is home to a whole new set of characters who will find heartache and hope in every story. Centered around four women who’ve been friends since college, each book is first and foremost a love story, but the characters have to deal with more than broken hearts and sexy heroes. They have to overcome universal challenges that all women face...with humor, grace, friendship, and no small amount of wine.

Don’t miss the any of the books that New York Times bestselling author Kristan Higgins calls “lovely, lush, and layered!”

See you in Barefoot Bay!



Praise for
Barefoot by The Sea

“Tessa and John’s story is gut-wrenchingly emotional, wrought with longing and passion but yet still manages to have a lot of fun and flirty moments. The writing was perfectly on point as always and the pace of the story was flawless.”
~Harlequin Junkies

“Barefoot by the Sea is a compelling, emotional read that will grab you by the heart and not let go. I absolutely loved Ian and Tess, and their story is a shining example of Roxanne St. Claire’s talent as an author. I can’t wait to re-read Barefoot by the Sea over and over and over again.”
~Wit and Sin Reviews

“Barefoot by the Sea will take you on a journey of two people finding each other, just when they need someone the most. You will get to experience two people finally finding the one person they feel safe enough with to share their biggest secrets. You will laugh, cry, and realize that sometimes risking a broken heart is better than keeping it safe.”
~Read Your Writes Reviews