Barefoot Bay World. Fifty love stories. Two dozen authors. One dreamy island.

Several years ago, I made the decision to open the doors and shores of Barefoot Bay to other writers, giving them a chance to write their own stories set on Mimosa Key in and around Casa Blanca Resort and Spa, and include many of the beloved characters I created in my eighteen book series. I invited friends and fellow writers I knew and trusted, and gave them a simple parameter: be true to my world and bring your own main characters to fall in love.

What an amazing process to watch these gifted authors – some seasoned, some debut, all talented – set stories in every genre on the silky sands of my fictional beaches. In these novellas of varying length, they’ve created worlds within my world, and have included sizzling suspense, heartbreaking reunion stories, delightful second chance romances, silver fox heartthrobs, and even some paranormal and young adult adventures. The authors have woven places and people that I created into their stories, and some have even spun-off their own mini-series within the series.

I haven’t edited or reviewed these books – they are entirely the work of each individual author. They are familiar with my Barefoot Bay canon of work, and I have provided them with a “series bible” to make sure the settings, backstory, and characters align with those I’ve created. And I think they’ve all done an amazing job!

Until 2018, these stories were available exclusively via Amazon for Kindle readers and only in the United States. But all that has changed! Now you can purchase Barefoot Bay World novellas on any digital (and many in print) retailer and you can do so from any country on the planet! This is a wonderful chance to revisit a favorite setting, discover a new author, and catch up with old friends from previous books.

Here is a complete list of the titles and universal links that will take you to any retailer selling the books! Kick off your shoes and fall in love in Barefoot Bay…again and again and again!

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All Retailers