Barefoot Bay is populated with a range of characters, many of whom appear in every book.  Every story has a hero and heroine (noted in bold on the PDF file) and many secondary and surrounding people who work at the resort, live on the island, and run businesses, restaurants, and services.  All of the named characters are listed in this document, with as much detail as it makes sense to provide or that has been stated in the existing books.

These characters are available for use in any Barefoot Bay Kindle World story, but I urge writers to read the Amazon and Roxanne St. Claire guidelines regarding the characters.  Some characters (specifically those in the Barefoot Bay Undercover series) originated in a separate series (The Guardian Angelinos) that was published in 2010 and 2011.  Those characters are not available as main characters for any story for legal reasons.  (That includes Gabe Rossi, Nino Rossi, Vivi Angelino Lang, Francesca Rossi.) They may be mentioned and have dialogue, however.

Writers are strongly urged to create their own heroes and heroines rather than use existing characters, but use these characters to add to the rich atmosphere of Barefoot Bay.

Download the Cast of Characters HERE (pdf)