So thrilled to share a whole new way to kick off your shoes and fall in love in with the slice of tropical paradise I’ve created — Barefoot Bay Kindle World! I am thrilled to have forged an agreement with Amazon Publishing that allows other authors to step into my beloved world and write books with their own characters (and many of mine) that are set in Barefoot Bay, on the fictional island of Mimosa Key. We are launching the program with eleven incredibly talented writers, all hand-picked by me because I know them, love them, are familiar with their work, and I trust them to write stories you will love.

So what can readers expect? Great stories set in Barefoot Bay – all romantic, some suspenseful, some humorous, some emotional, some surprising. I can only write so fast…and readers are constantly asking to take more trips to Barefoot Bay. You are going to love these authors! Some are names you may already know and adore, others might be new to you. All of them are talented writers who have entered Barefoot Bay with love and respect and phenomenal ideas! These stories are FUN! Here are all the gorgeous covers and links to find out more! And if you want to find out all about how to write a book in the Barefoot Bay Kindle World program, check this out. 

Starting April 14, we’ve got handsome royalty, sexy billionaires, adventurous treasure hunters, hot Navy SEALs (I know, that’s redundant), wounded warriors, relentless reporters, and so much more on the sun-kissed sands of your favorite island. Take a look at this video trailer!

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Frequently Asked Questions about
the Barefoot Bay Kindle World Program

QUESTION: Did Roxanne St. Claire write these books?
ANSWER: I did not! The content, characters, covers, and story choices all belong to the individual authors. I’ve simply provided them with plenty of information about the island and its people, and of course, I’ve written 14 titles to date set in Barefoot Bay and these writers are familiar with my books.

QUESTION: Will Roxanne’s characters appear in these books?
ANSWER: Yes, they will! Many characters from my 14 Barefoot Bay books and mini-series will show up on the pages of Barefoot Bay Kindle World titles. The stories are set in and around Mimosa Key, many of them taking place right at the Casa Blanca Resort & Spa that is central to my books. Watch for cameos and scenes from fan favorites!

QUESTION: What if you don’t read on a Kindle?
ANSWER: No problem! Just download the Kindle app from Amazon to any device, PC, Mac, or reader.

QUESTION: Will the books be available in print?
ANSWER: For the time being, these are digital books only, but easy to read even on your phone! Just follow the directions and get the free Kindle app! This is an Amazon Publishing program, so the titles are not available on any other e-retailer.

QUESTION: Will there be more Barefoot Bay books by Roxanne St. Claire?
ANSWER: YES, YES, and YES!!! I will be announcing a new trilogy in May and I’m super excited about the concept and the stories. My plan is to release three books in very close succession this summer, so stay tuned. In the meantime